AeroBed Classic Inflatable Review

The AeroBed Classic Inflatable mattress comes with an external pump for easy and fast inflation. A great budget model this provides you with an average air mattress to allow you the opportunity to keep your guests over night without the costs of purchasing traditional furniture or higher end air mattress models. You get comfort, support, and durability at an affordable cost. This is an ideal air mattress if your will be using it only for guests so that it won’t be used often.

AeroBed Classic Inflatable

The AeroBed Classic Inflatabel mattress is a simple model but that doesn’t mean that it lacks any features of comfort, support, durability and ease of use. While affordably priced, you will still find the air mattress to be comfortable, well made, durable and easy to use thanks to the features implemented by the manufacturer.

Features of the AeroBed Classic Inflatable

  • Construction – The AeroBed Classic Inflatable mattress is made from heavy gauge puncture resistant PVC vinyl. The surface of the air mattress features a flocked fleece surface for additional comfort and so as to help fitted sheets stay in place.
  • Comfort – With a flocked fleece surface the AeroBed Classic inflatable mattress allows you to sleep comfortably on a soft but firmly inflated air mattress.
  • Pump – Included with your purchase of the AeroBed Classic inflatable mattress is a powerful electrical pump. This allows you to quickly and easily inflate your air mattress for use and deflate it again for storage. The pump also features an auto-on setting so you can plug and leave it to inflate the mattress without any supervision.
  • Support – The AeroBed Classic inflatable air mattress provides added support thanks to the oval coil construction that is found within. This ensures that your air mattress is not just firm and comfortable but that it also provides firm support for a long night’s sleep.

Advantages of the AeroBed Classic Inflatable

  • Fast Deflation – The AeroBed Classic has a whoosh valve that allows you to deflate the air mattress in just 15 seconds. This is great for quick storage if you are using a living space for a night sleepover. Your guests can be up and out of the way in no time so you can get back to the space’s intended use.
  • Storage Bag – Included with your purchase of the AeroBed Classic air mattress is a carry bag. This allows you to store and travel with the air bed with ease.
  • Hands Free Pump – The electrical pump has an auto feature that allows you to simply turn on the pump and leave it to inflate the mattress with no more input from you.

Things to Be Aware of

Some customer’s notes that the bed deflates too easily and will do so on the first night of use – totally flattening out in some spots.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the bare minimum in an air mattress but still want something comfortable this is a good buy. It is affordably priced and though it doesn’t have any bells and whistles it does provide a comfortable night’s sleep. It is ideal for occasional use for the once in a while overnight guest.