SoundAsleep Camping Series Review

The SoundAsleep Camping Series air mattress is made just for those camping excursions. They have thought of everything giving you the convenience of an electric pump that doesn’t need an outlet. Yes this air mattress uses an electrical pump and features a rechargeable battery. Charge it at home prior to your trip or charge it in your car while you are on your way. The mattress is designed with material that is suitable for the rugged outdoors. It also features technology that enhances its strength, ruggedness and durability. With a one year limited warranty your purchase is protected and if for any reason your air mattress doesn’t work as it should you can return it for a full refund.

SoundAsleep Camping Series

The SoundAsleep Camping Series air mattress has features that keep you covered on all your outdoor excursions. Made with extra thick material that can withstand your usual outdoor objects you will never have to worry about this being punctured and becoming useless when you need it the most.

Features of the SoundAsleep Camping Series

  • ComfortCoil Technology – This technology provides durability while being used outdoors. The design features I-Beam Air Coils that strengthen the air mattress while providing optimal support and providing more comfort to you while you sleep.
  • External Pump – The patented pump is an external pump that allows for easy inflation and deflation. The pump features a rechargeable battery allowing you to inflate electrically without needing an outlet. Charge the battery in your car or charge it at home before your trip.
  • Designed for the Outdoors – Designed for the outdoors the SoundAsleep Camping Series air mattress is made with extra thick material which reduced the chances of damaging your air mattress out camping. There is also a sure grip bottom which ensures the mattress stays in place once placed and inflated.

Advantages of the SoundAsleep Camping Series

  • Rechargeable Pump – This is a huge advantage when you are out camping in the middle of nowhere and have no electrical outlets. The pump can be recharged in your car for multiple nights out in the wild.
  • Inflates and Deflates Easily – In less than 3 minutes the SoundAsleep will inflate so you can get to rest sooner. Deflation is also a breeze so you can get to your next camping spot without any hassle.
  • Warranty – Your purchase of the SoundAsleep Camping Series air mattress comes with a 1 year limited warranty. Customer support can be had 24/7’s via phone or email.
  • Rugged – This air mattress is truly made for camping and outdoor use. Its material is extra thick and it features patented technology which enhances its ruggedness. There is also the anti-slip bottom that keeps it firmly in place.

Things to Be Aware of

A few customers noted the problem of the mattress not keeping air overnight. This seems like a couple isolated instances however as the mattress has excellent overall reviews.

Bottom Line

The SoundAsleep Camping Series air mattress allows you to go camping in comfort and with peace of mind. Made for the outdoors the air mattress is strong and durable and can stand up to outdoor conditions while providing you with the comfort of your bed at home.